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Brian Glaz


MySQL: Getting the First and Last Day of Every Week in a Year
February 22nd, 2012

While coding a time card application, I needed a way to populate a select box with options showing the week number, as well as the date of the first and last day of that week. At first it didn't seem that difficult, but it proved to be harder than I originally thought. Here's what I came up with:


    DATE(DATE('2012-01-01' + INTERVAL IF(DAYOFWEEK('2012-01-01') = 1,0,8 - DAYOFWEEK('2012-01-01')) DAY) + INTERVAL (week_num-1)*7 DAY) AS 'start_day',
    DATE(DATE('2012-01-01' + INTERVAL IF(DAYOFWEEK('2012-01-01') = 1,0,8 - DAYOFWEEK('2012-01-01')) DAY) + INTERVAL (week_num*7)-1 DAY) AS 'end_day'
        @i := @i + 1 AS 'week_num'
            (SELECT @i:=0)t LIMIT 53) weeks 
    YEAR(start_day) = '2012'

This query will produce results that look like this:

week_num    start_day       end_day
1           2012-01-01      2012-01-07
2           2012-01-08      2012-01-14
3           2012-01-15      2012-01-21
4           2012-01-22      2012-01-28
...         ...                 ...


The first step was to find out what the 'first' day of the year was. Of course the first day of the year is always January 1st, but if your weeks start on Sundays, you really need to find the first Sunday of the year. In order to do this I decided to use the DAYOFWEEK() function. This function returns 1 through 6, where 1 represents Sunday and 6 represents Saturday. Starting with the first day of the year, you can add an appropriate number of days to find the first Sunday.

SELECT DATE('2012-01-01' + INTERVAL IF(DAYOFWEEK('2012-01-01') = 1,0,8 - DAYOFWEEK('2012-01-01')) DAY)
//output: 2012-01-01

In plain words, we are checking the first day of the year to see what day of the week it is. If it's a Sunday, (DAYOFWEKK() = 1), we are done and don't need to do anything. If it's not a Sunday, we calculate and add the number of days necessary to find the next sunday. If the first day of the year is a Tuesday (DAYOFWEEK() = 3) We add 8 - 3, or 5 days, because 5 days after a Tuesday is always Sunday.

Now that we have the first Sunday, we can easily find the last day of that week by adding 6 days to get to Saturday.

SELECT DATE('2012-01-01' + INTERVAL IF(DAYOFWEEK('2012-01-01') = 1,0,8 - DAYOFWEEK('2012-01-01')) DAY) as 'start_day',
DATE(DATE('2012-01-01' + INTERVAL IF(DAYOFWEEK('2012-01-01') = 1,0,8 - DAYOFWEEK('2012-01-01')) DAY) + INTERVAL 6 DAY) as 'end_day'
//output: 2012-01-01  2012-01-07

Great, now we have the first week. But how do we get all of the weeks? Basically we need a table to join to, so we can get 53 results. Some years have 52 weeks, but others have 53. A search on StackOverflow lead me to an interesting solution where the poster suggested using ANY table, as long as it has a sufficient number of rows. Note that we don't really care about the information in the table, we just need 53 rows. We'll be using a variable to keep track of the row count.

Joining this table and adding in an incrementing variable, we can start with the first Sunday of the first week and add 7 days * the week number to find the starting day of every week, and do the same for the ending day of the week. At the very end of my query I add a HAVING clause to make sure the first day of the week falls within the correct year. (In years with only 52 weeks, the 53rd week will start in the following year). Adding this all together, I arrived at my solution:

    DATE(DATE('2012-01-01' + INTERVAL IF(DAYOFWEEK('2012-01-01') = 1,0,8 - DAYOFWEEK('2012-01-01')) DAY) + INTERVAL (week_num-1)*7 DAY) AS 'start_day',
    DATE(DATE('2012-01-01' + INTERVAL IF(DAYOFWEEK('2012-01-01') = 1,0,8 - DAYOFWEEK('2012-01-01')) DAY) + INTERVAL (week_num*7)-1 DAY) AS 'end_day'
        @i := @i + 1 AS 'week_num'
            (SELECT @i:=0)t LIMIT 53) weeks 
    YEAR(start_day) = '2012'

Note that in this example, I used 2012. However you can use any year you want. The only thing I'm not satisfied with is having to join an arbitray table with at least 53 rows. If anyone has a better solution, please let me know!

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